BioxyH disinfectant 1 kg
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BioxyH disinfectant 1 kg

Product Code: PNDBIOXYH1

Use BIOXY H on previously cleaned equipment.
Use BIOXY H at aconcentration of 1% (10g per liter BIOXY H). Keep this solution incontact with the surfaces for at least 10 minutes.

SANITATION: Use at a concentration of 0.2% maximum (2g BIOXY H in1 liter of water). These concentrations of 0.2% yields of up to 200 ppmof active peracetic acid. Do not rinse if the concentration is less thanor equal to 200 ppm.

BIOXY H is a powder that generates 3 disinfectants;Quaternary Ammonium, Hydrogen Peroxide and aneutral peracetic acid, thus establishing a new industrystandard as the first broad spectrum disinfectant,environmentally to eliminate pathogens more difficult tocontrol.

BIOXY H is a powder which when dissolved in water,produces three active disinfectants; a peroxy aceticagent, hydrogen peroxide and quaternary two chainsfourth generation and all at a neutral pH, therefore, safefor users.

BIOXY H is a disinfectant used for all hard surfacesin health care environment, cleaning and generaldisinfection. It is used in day care centers, residences,restaurants, butchers, on surfaces in contact with foodor other location requiring high level disinfection andsafe. The powder is broken down quickly and leaves notraces in the environment, in addition to having nomicrobial resistance.

BIOXY H is champion against a broad spectrum ofmicroorganisms. In addition to being safe, it is veryeffective on any hard surfaces.

BIOXY H, with its environmental and security formula,it replaces all of the toxic products such as glutaraldehyde, aldehydes and products corrosive chlorine.
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